Upgrade Your Education

Training & Education Overview

Most jobs require some form of education or training. Get qualified through a variety of post-secondary options, from apprenticeships to university.

Education Planning

Education Planner BC helps learners make well-informed decisions about their education and career options:

  • Find a program you’re interested in
  • Plan your education
  • Apply to multiple post-secondary institutions
  • Find national and international universities and colleges

Finance Your Education

  • Find out how to pay for your education with scholarships, bursaries and loans
  • Learn about funding for apprenticeships
  • Manage your budget while you are studying

Adult Education

If you need to graduate high school, learn English or upgrade skills, explore this path.

Apprenticeship Training

Learn on the job in an apprenticeship program. The Industry Training Authority (ITA) has information on:

  • Trades programs
  • Apprentice services
  • Trades training system

Private Training Institutions

Over 51,000 students in B.C. enroll in private training each year. Private training offers certificates in dozens of fields, such as:

  • sound recording
  • nursing
  • commercial flight
  • early childhood education

Industry-Specific Training

Careers in Wood

Information on Canada’s Wood Manufacturing Sector:

  • Career opportunities
  • Career descriptions
  • Profiles of people working in the field

Eco Canada

Explore over 120 environmental careers and where to train for them.

Go2 HR

Training and education for the B.C. Tourism industry.

Newcomers to Canada

Potential to Prosperity

Professionals who trained overseas can have their credentials assessed, and learn about licensing for their profession in Canada.